Computer frustrations

Spent nearly the entire day on computer “issues,” which gets old quickly. I do all the program layouts and other graphic stuff for a chamber chorus I belong to (if you’re in the Philadelphia area, take a look at!!) and had to send our Christmas program to the printer. My software simply would NOT make the .pdf file!! Same fonts I’ve used before, embedded in the same way, pictures and ads inserted in the same fashion, but simply would not go from Publisher (which, BTW, I like lot and have used for years) to pdf. Finally saved it through an outside program, saved to a flash drive and took it by hand to the printer and then had them make a proof. WAY more time than I wanted to spend!! Computers are great, except when they don’t work right!

Got a start with WordPress for my new site/blog here over the week-end at a workshop, but I know I will have lots to learn as I go along. So stay tuned–I hope to be spending more time on creative things and less time at the keyboard. LOL

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